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Volume 1 (2022)

Volume 1 (Complete Download)

ISSN 2653-5122 (Online)                   DOI:




Volume 1, 2022   


Alex Deagon and Jeremy Patrick, Editorial (pp. i-ii)



Renae Barker, Law and Religion in the Classroom: Teaching Church-State Relationships (pp. 1-21)

Muhammad Latif Fauzi, The Formation of Islamic Law in Indonesia: The Interplay Between Islamic Authorities and the State (pp. 22-35)

Neil Foster, Religious Freedom, Section 109 of the Constitution, and Anti-discrimination Laws (pp. 36-56)

Andrew Hemming, Why the Jury in Pell v The Queen Must Have Had a Doubt and the High Court was Right to Quash the Guilty Verdicts (pp. 57-75)

Patrick Parkinson, Adolescent Gender Identity and the Sex Discrimination Act: The Case for Religious Exemptions (pp. 76-93)


Book Reviews

Katie Murray, Book Review: “Christians: The Urgent Case for Jesus in Our World” by Greg Sheridan (pp. 94-96)

Jeremy Patrick, Book Review: “Law and Religion in the Liberal State edited by Jahid Hossain Bhuiyan and Darryn Jensen (pp. 97-98)


Special Topic Forum: The Future of Law and Religion in Australia

Luke Beck, The Continued Existence of the Crime of Blasphemy in Australia (pp. 99-102)

Anthony Gray, Proportionality in Australian Constitutional Law: Next Stop Section 116? (pp. 103-105)

Joel Harrison, The Liberal and Post-Liberal Futures of Law and Religion in Australia (pp. 106-107)

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