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All issues of the AJLR are available as PDFs for free download under the terms of open access. This means they can be downloaded and widely distributed, but authors retain copyright under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License.  Please see our open access policy for more information.


Volume 1 (2022)

Volume 1 (Complete Download)

ISSN 2653-5122 (Online)                   DOI:




Volume 1, 2022   


Alex Deagon and Jeremy Patrick, Editorial (pp. i-ii)



Renae Barker, Law and Religion in the Classroom: Teaching Church-State Relationships (pp. 1-21)

Muhammad Latif Fauzi, The Formation of Islamic Law in Indonesia: The Interplay Between Islamic Authorities and the State (pp. 22-35)

Neil Foster, Religious Freedom, Section 109 of the Constitution, and Anti-discrimination Laws (pp. 36-56)

Andrew Hemming, Why the Jury in Pell v The Queen Must Have Had a Doubt and the High Court was Right to Quash the Guilty Verdicts (pp. 57-75)

Patrick Parkinson, Adolescent Gender Identity and the Sex Discrimination Act: The Case for Religious Exemptions (pp. 76-93)


Book Reviews

Katie Murray, Book Review: “Christians: The Urgent Case for Jesus in Our World” by Greg Sheridan (pp. 94-96)

Jeremy Patrick, Book Review: “Law and Religion in the Liberal State edited by Jahid Hossain Bhuiyan and Darryn Jensen (pp. 97-98)


Special Topic Forum: The Future of Law and Religion in Australia

Luke Beck, The Continued Existence of the Crime of Blasphemy in Australia (pp. 99-102)

Anthony Gray, Proportionality in Australian Constitutional Law: Next Stop Section 116? (pp. 103-105)

Joel Harrison, The Liberal and Post-Liberal Futures of Law and Religion in Australia (pp. 106-107)

Volume 2 (2023)

Volume 2 (Complete Issue)    ISSN 2653-5122 (Online)                                                                    DOI:


Volume 2, 2023

Special Issue: Religious Freedom, Sexuality, and Gender Identity


Alex Deagon and Jeremy Patrick, Editorial (pp. i-iii)



Nicholas Butler, May Australian States Impose Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Non-Discrimination Obligations on Religious Schools? A Rejoinder to Foster (pp. 1-19)

Alex Deagon, Reconciling Freedom and Equality for Peaceful Coexistence: On the Need to Reframe the Religious Exemptions in the Sex Discrimination Act (pp. 20-35)

Mark Fowler, The Position of Religious Schools Under International Human Rights Law (pp. 36-55)

Rena MacLeod, Legislating Gender Prejudice: Religion and the Overturning of Roe v Wade (pp. 56-69)

Rhett Martin, Conversion Practices Legislation in Victoria – A Potential Crisis for Church Authority? (pp. 70-80)

Timothy Nugent, Statements of Belief as Political Communication (81-90)


Book Reviews

Barry W. Bussey, Review of Law and Religion in the Commonwealth: The Evolution of Case Law edited by Renae Barker, Paul T. Babie, and Neil Foster (pp. 91-92)

Jeremy Patrick, Review of The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice by Shon Faye (pp. 93-94)


Special Topic Forum: Religious Freedom, Sexuality, and Gender Identity

Nicholas Aroney, Cherry Picking Human Rights (pp. 95-100)

Patrick Byrne, What Does Gender Identity Mean in the Sex Discrimination Act 1984? (pp. 101-103)

Robert W. Hefner, The Politics of Indonesia’s New Criminal Code (pp. 104-106)

Volume 3 (2023)

Volume 3 (Complete Issue) Download   ISSN 2653-5122 (Online)


 Volume 3, 2023

Alex Deagon and Jeremy Patrick, Editorial (pp. i-ii) Download



Ysabel Andrea Abordo & Alex Deagon, Religious Freedom and Freedom from Religious Discrimination: Implications for the Religious Discrimination Bill (pp. 1-19) Download


Guy Baldwin, Freedom of Religion Under the Australian Constitution: Is Proportionality the Answer? (pp. 20-36) Download


Samuel Blanch, Legal Pluralism and Islamic Law in Australia (pp. 37-51)  Download


David Goodwin & Paul Reynolds, Congregational Religious Trusts in Victoria’s Churches of Christ (pp. 52-68) Download


Andrew Hemming, Is Leaving God to Make the Choice an Answer to a Charge of Murder by Reckless Indifference to Human Life or Manslaughter? A Case Study of Queensland Criminal Law (pp. 69-90) Download


Book Reviews

Myriam Hunter-Henin, Review of A Principled Framework for the Autonomy of Religious Communities: Reconciling Freedom and Discrimination by Alex Deagon (pp. 91-93) Download


Benjamin Saunders, Review of Christianity and Constitutionalism by Nicholas Aroney and Ian Leigh (eds.) (pp. 94-95) Download


Special Topic Forum: Indigenous Spirituality and the Law

Darshan Datar, The Voice and Religious Freedom (pp. 96-100) Download


Ivan Ingram, Cultural and Spiritual Loss in Native Title (pp. 101-102) Download


Samsul Maarif, Indigenous Religious Freedom: A Goal to Pursue in Indonesia (pp. 103-107) Download


Laura Rademaker, Country, Tradition, and Christianity in the Law (pp. 108-110) Download

Volume 4 (2024)

Volume 4 (Complete Issue) Download   ISSN 2653-5122 (Online)


 Volume 4, 2024

Special Issue: Theology and Jurisprudence


Constance Lee and Alex Deagon, Editorial (pp. i-ii) Download



Zachary R. Calo, The Catholic Modernity of Pope Benedict XVI: Healthy Secularity and Christian Jurisprudence (pp. 1-16) Download


Jonathan Crowe, Natural Law with and without God (pp. 17-33) Download


Alex Deagon, Christian Natural Law and a Foundation for Religious Freedom: Love, the True, and the Good (pp. 34-56)  Download


Constance Youngwon Lee, The Secularisation of Conscience: A Natural Law Critique (pp. 57-74) Download


Joshua Neoh, Kiergaard’s Works of Love: From Benedict’s Rule to More’s Utopia (pp. 75-83) Download


Lukas Opacic, Corporations, Compelled Compelled Speech, and the Common Good (pp. 84-100) Download


John Witte Jr with Harold J. Berman, Christianity and Law in the Enlightenment (pp. 101-114) Download

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